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A photographer, writer and sometimes graphic designer. Peer into the head space of a mecha loving, lantern wielding hockey fan.

Quite an achievement when the company you work for makes the #inc5000. Congrats to the whole crew. I shall place this honor with pride.

One of the most well deserved scotches of my life.

*salute* 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

My delicious post workout breakfast. Yes. I’m posting food. Deal with it.

mmmmmmmmmmmmjealous? #supersmashbros #nintendo #3ds

I haven’t drawn anything in a long while. I probably shouldn’t have started with something as complex as a bird.

#danabnett is seriously fucking killing it right now. #darkages is a fantastic medieval horror thrill ride from @darkhorsecomics, and #wildsend from @boom_studios could turn out to be my favorite miniseries of the year. An engaging animal mystery that gripped me from the very first page. #comics #darkhorsecomics #boomstudios #comicbooks

"The human soul is a deep, dark forest and all decisions are made alone."
If you’re a fan of #crimenovels and you haven’t read any of #jonesbo’s work, do yourself a favor and check out #thebat, the first in the #harryhole series. It is a seriously satisfying read, and the second half is so intense, I couldn’t put it down.

When #briankvaughan recommends your book, you have a lot to live up to in my eyes. Well #copperhead far exceeded my expectations. Well written, well drawn, and well thought out. If it keeps up this pace it could be the best new series of the year. Well done to everyone involved. #imagecomics @imagecomics

The Hallowed Jhen Mohran armour looks ridiculous. Hopefully I can put it to good use. #hallowedjhenmohran #mh3u #monsterhunter #monsterhunter3ultimate #grank #masterhunter