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A photographer, writer and sometimes graphic designer. Peer into the head space of a mecha loving, lantern wielding hockey fan.

You’ve got your limits, baby I’ve got mine.

I know. It’s not quite Tuesday. Deal with it cause I’ll forget. This is (almost) four months of beating the shit out of myself in the little time I actually have to do so. I’ve worked hard and I’m proud of it damnit, so deal with that, too. Also deal with the fact that the pictures are in reverse order. Man, you have a lot to deal with, don’t you?
Yes, I’m aware I still have a LONG ways to go, but I feel like this is a solid four month progress report. I can’t wait to see what four months from now looks like.

This weeks read. #1q84 #harukimurakami

My #captainmarvel collection just gained an awesome new entry. #marvelcomics #keyissue #msmarvel #caroldanvers

I know it’s taboo, but sometimes I really do think it’s beautiful.

Standard pre-date blurry selfie.

(Most of) The BTM crew!

Morning Bloody Mary. Not a bad work day.

Wicked sweet #Thanos mail call today! #captainmarvel 26 (first death!), and #spideysuperstories 39! What you know about that #thanoscopter?! #marvelcomics @marvel #spiderman

Awwwww yissssssss dis album be tits. #stpaulandthebrokenbones